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Mountain Cross Minis Titles And Fun Stuff
A Place Where Miniature American Shepherds Rule!
Mountain Cross Minis
Dustee is our first Miniature Australian Shepherd and is now a registered Miniature American Shepherd. Because of this girl, we fell in love with the breed. Smart, sassy, beautiful and athletic she has accomplished several things in her life of 7 years- and is still working with me on how to train her ;) Our son, Jesse, and I worked on training this fine girl in obedience, rally, agility and herding. So far she has earned an Obedience title and best movement in her class with MASCA, several awards with MAMASC,  her first leg in AKC Beginner Novice Obedience, first leg in AKC Rally Novice A and her first leg in Herding Trialed. We are so proud of what this girl has done and will continue to do. UPDATE- Dustee earned her Rally Novice A title in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma  on 12-4-2016 :) 

Dustee is gentle and sweet with the puppies our other girls have. She makes a fine puppy sitter but will never have puppies of her own.
Latigos Mountain Cross Night Magic "Taun Taun"
Taun Taun earned his Instinct Tested Certificate on November 16th, 2014! We are so proud of this boy and love his herding drive. Latigo has provided us with this wonderful boy and he has provided back. He has sired two beautiful litters since and will be returning to the Herding ring soon!
InCH Mountain Cross Just For Kix With Woodridge "Kix"
Kix is a 2015 progeny of Taun Taun and Hope. He has been in the show ring a few times: earning 5 points towards his AKC Championship. He has earned his IntBaby with IABCA! I will be the first to admit he, unfortunately, went over sized before he could finish his CH title. Hoping to see him earn some performance titles in the near future. He has a fantastic personality and is beautiful too! Absolutely LOVE the personality on this boy. Wish he were home with us!
Dash is also a 2015 progeny of Taun Taun and Hope. She has been in the show ring a few times: earning 2 points towards her AKC Championship. Dash is no longer with Latigo or Kim but, I hear, lives in a nice farm home where she can run as much as her heart desires. Gorgeous girl! Would love information on this girl so if anyone has something to share please contact me.
Mountain Cross Dash For Cash At Latigo 
CH Mountain Cross Lightning At Mayerling
Little Gloria, as she is affectionately called by her owner in France, is a 2014 progeny of Hope and Turbo (Bluegrass Kennels.) She has been in the show ring a few times with great results including PROMISING at International exhibition MONTLUCON in March 2015, CJF BEST YOUNG at Saint Brieuc show in May 2015 and, most recently Champion at Hongarian Show in May 2016!  Thank you Sandrine for taking this girl and showing her to her potential in and giving her the chance she deserves. Nice girl! 
GCH CH Mountain Cross Touch Of Pink At Mission Ridge RN CGC  "Ziva"
This girl is a daughter of Prodigy's Keep 'N The Faith (Hope) and Latigos Mountain Cross Night Magic (Taun Taun.) Thank you Julie for taking her this far- there will be more to come soon :) 
Mountain Cross Blaze of Love CD BN RN CGC 
Mountain Cross Make A Splash BN RN FDC NAP OJP NFP THDA CGCA TKA Achiever Dog "Splash"
Blaze and Lou have had a nice time working towards their titles as well. Both fell in love the minute they met each other in 2014. Every bit as special as his siblings, Blaze has earned his CGC, Beginner Novice, and Rally Novice titles as well as earning his way to Rally Nationals scheduled at a later date. We here at Mountain Cross Minis appreciate everything Lou and Blaze do together-- even if it is just cuddling :)
Mountain Cross Wings of Peace CGC
In 2014 this sweet girl was introduced to Elise and Kent. Who would have guessed she would be riding horses, acting as a guide dog for her deaf companion dog, and planting posies with her owner :) She has earned her CGC, been accepted in the American Quarter Horse Museum photography show (2016), entered in the Beauty Beyond Belief seeds photo show (which she came in first place) and is an excellent example how our Miniature American Shepherds fit right into what ever family situation they are in. All are uniquely talented and loving!
Mountain Cross Sunshine On My Shoulders
This girl is a 2016 progeny of Taun Taun and Hope. Sunny and Sandi are training to become agility partners. Won't be long and they will have ribbons hanging off their wall!
Photo courtesy of Ken Gee