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Mountain Cross Minis
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Mountain Cross Wings of Peace CGC TD (Wren)
What a wonderful girl Wren is turning out to be. Her specialty? Therapy Dog.  She passed her CGC with flying colors and went on to earn her certification for Therapy Dog. Wren is handled by her owner Elise and is loved by many.  Below you will find examples of how she comforts and provides companionship to both people and canine friends. Wren has also earned a couple of really cool rewards. Elise was THE best owner for Wren. This updated photo shows the love, care and companionship they provided for each other.  No one will ever be able to match this bond.
Meeting new friends both young and old.
Elise has been doing Therapy work with Wren at a local hospital in Colorado along with several other Therapy team members for several months is 2019. She has earned her place in the Heart of The Rockies Medical Center Therapy Dog calendar. Introducing the June calendar girl of 2020-- WREN!
For all of who are anticipating updates on Wren please be patient. We are working on correcting the problem. Since the unexpected death of Elise we are having unfortunate issues contacting the person who she is living with. If that person sees this I hope she will respect the fact that we are Wren's breeder and take upmost steps to insure she is being taken care of properly. We have Wren's needs at  heart just like we do all of our pups. Please reach out to let us know how Wren is doing as Elise did for the 6 years she was her owner. Thank you!