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A Place Where Miniature American Shepherds Rule!
Our pups are handled several times a day from the time they are born until they go to their forever families. We do these things to help prepare them for leaving  our home and being more prepared  to face their new lives. Below are some basic things we do with them using a modified Puppy Culture protocol .

Birth day until their eyes open ( about two weeks) we try to do some basic care/handling once or twice a day and give each pup some cuddle time. We are specific with the type of stimulation they receive in order to allow them time to develop.

Week three and four we  handle them longer and begin to use some basic grooming to keep their nails trimmed, brush with our fingers/ transition to a soft brush and begin calling them by their litter name. 

Week five they have their first outing and begin more intentional exposure to different textures and sounds. They are also given positive reinforcement when they potty, follow or check in.

By week six they are given individual time to start getting them used to being away from their litter mates. We do this by taking them to the grooming table, trimming their nails, brushing with a very soft brush among other things. We also introduce them to the "go potty" command by positively reinforcing the words we use to teach them to potty outside. They will be given their first set of vaccinations during this time.

Week seven we continue the individual time and begin teaching them some basic commands like wait, kennel, sit, and stack. We also build more on the positive reinforcement training and cuddling.

Week eight is when they are ready to be evaluated (we use the Pat Hastings method for structure/basic personality and Volhart evaluation method for more in depth evaluation of their personality.  We usually have help from someone with more experience to puzzle the puppies and give another perspective on their structure and personality development.

Mountain Cross Minis
Our Past Pups Are Listed Here Except Those Who Are Active in Performance or Conformation
Jeanne lives in Colorado with her owner Cat and is working as a service dog.
Hope and Turbo 2014 (Random Names)
Link lives in Texas with his new family and is working as a therapy dog.
Boomer lives in Ohio at Shadowland and has some really nice progeny.
Thunder lives in Colorado with James and Julie. He is the love of their life and is working as a service dog.
COCOA- Columbo 2014-2017
Gone but not forgotten. 
Love- your family
Hope and Taun Taun 2015 (The Octonauts)
Moxie and Taun Taun 2015 (The Flintstones)
Hope and Taun Taun 2016 ( Colorado Animals)
Coyote (Wylie Coyote as he is now called) has been stolen. If you are have seen or know where this boy is his family would love to hear from you. No questions asked. Please use the Contact Us button on our About Us page.
Beaver is having a LOT of fun with his half brother and our family in Texas! He is intelligent and is a puzzle solver- already learning new tricks :)
Badger is a sweet, cuddly, busy, and cute boy. He is living in Illinois and giving his new family some sweet kisses :) Thank you Abi and Family!
Chipmunk (now Sunny) has gone to live with Sandi in Colorado where she in training for an agility career :) She will be moved to the Titles N Fun Stuff page when she starts competing.
Sage (whose name is now Belle) has gone to an really nice local home in Colorado as a classy ranch dog! Thank you Lisa and Allen!
Kwazii- now Kix- was given to a breeder in Illinois where he is loved. He is an Int Champion, has earned points toward his AKC CH and has helped produce two beautiful litters.
Barnacles (or Bear Dog) was a sweet boy full of spunk and love. Unfortunately his life was taken too soon. Love you little buddy!
Barnacles- Bear Dog 2015-2016
Gone but not forgotten. 
Love- your family
Peso- Xander is living next to a lake in Colorado. He has so much love to give! Thank you Linda and Kevin for providing such a neat place for him to grow up!
Tweak- LuLu is living nearby and giving every one and everything around her attention. Can't wait to see her soon!

Tunip- Dashy has moved beyond my scope. She lives somewhere in Texas/Oklahoma and would love if someone would reach out and let me know how she is doing!

Meomi--Ziva is living in Kansas with her owner Julie. See more information on our Titles and Fun Stuff page.
Ocean- Wren lives in a town close to us. Isn't she adorable here? She still is and has THE most natural herding instinct I have seen in any of our pups. Thank you Elise for loving her!
Fred-- Astro is living close to Denver, Colorado. He has brought much delight to his family!

Barney is living in our little community and is having fun protected all of his bird friends.

Bamm Bamm is also living in our little community with Tammy and her family. He is a good family dog and protector.

Dino lives with Bamm Bamm in our little community with Tammy and her family. He is having a good time with his family.

Arnold is living as Prince Charming and providing much needed love and companionship to his family. He will soon have another MCM pup to join him- hoping, hoping, hoping!

Bedrock- Zoey is now living in Illinois and providing much needed love and companionship for her owner. 

Originally Mr Slate- Jelly is now living in our community. He is a sweet boy with loads of personality (and a tail.)

Quarry is affectionately known as Que. She lives in the Denver area with her family. They are moving soon to have a bigger play area-- so excited for all of them!
River and Wolvie 2018 (Let There Be Light)
Zenith, affectionately known as Lolo by her new owner, is living the life of a "mascot" in New Mexico. Thank you Taylor for loving this girl even when she rolls in the mud!
Impact "Imp" Is living the life of luxury in Arizona. He is running the arroyos on his owner's ranch AND living in his own castle. 

"Imp is so happy and such a sweet boy. People are impressed with his strong recall at such a young age!" JCVV
Halo- now Quigley- lives close to us and is growing into such a beauty! New photos will follow soon. 

"He’s a great pup and I’m really enjoying him." LM
Stellar  lives in Pennsylvania with Lisa and her family. When his veterinarian met him his comment was to his owner about this breeding was "His lines are great ....... beautiful dogs that you breed. Best looking Miniature American Shepherd I have seen in this area." Dr John- DVM
No wonder he gets compliments where ever he goes with his family!

Pulsar is named Isabel after a special place for her new family. She is very sensitive to the needs of her owner and LOVES to play in the Colorado snow! 

River and Wolvie 2019 (Easter)