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About Mountain Cross Minis Miniature American Shepherds
We do not have an outdoor kennel for our Miniature American Shepherds. They do have supervised out door time in a puppy yard designated for puppies only and an adult yard designated for our adult dogs. We also go on frequent hikes with each of our dogs. Because we believe that each puppy born or brought into our household is a crucial member of their future family, they are all whelped and raised indoors- in our home. Each dog is treated with as much love and kindness we would expect to receive back from them. All puppies are brought into this world inside our home with only enough supervision to make the birthing experience for mom and pups as stress-free as possible.  They are desensitized from the day after they are born until they day they leave our home. We very seldom have litters to ensure that each bitch has the opportunity to reach the potential they were designed for—we believe in our dogs! We are currently in the process of upgrading our whelping facility/puppy/grooming room. This is exciting for us as we want to make our place as comfortable for our dogs as it is for us.

We are committed to continue raising quality dogs without sacrificing the time they need to make a positive impact in the lives of buyers. This includes beginning crate training, recall, socialization, cuddles, and so much more. All of our breeding dogs are either tested or proven "cleared by parentage " for MDR1, PRA, DM, and HC. Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Patella Luxation and CAER evaluations are normally completed before they are used for breeding. If there is another disease we feel affects our dogs we will test for that as well. Even though some breeders will do so, we absolutely refuse to knowingly breed an MDR1, DM, PRA or HC AFFECTED dog and take care to test every dog for above conditions to reduce the possibility of the diseases in our breeding program. If parentage is unclear, pups we sell as show/breed quality will have their MDR1, PRA, DM and HC completed before going to their new home. All show/breed puppies will have their CAER completed by a pet ophthalmologist before going to their new homes. In addition ALL pups will have an implanted micro chip,  front and rear dew claw removal, worming at 4, 8, 12 weeks, and vaccinations/vet check at 6, 9 and possibly 12 weeks. 

We do not normally vaccinate for Lepto; however, if you feel it is important for your area please let us know. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions your puppy has to the Lepto vaccination.  

As of now, we will be leaving puppy tails on all pups except the ones we plan on keeping in our show/breed program.

We do sell to people outside of the US but will not ship to other countries. If you live outside of the US you will be required to either personally fly here or have an agent fly to our nearest airport to take possession of your puppy.

We do not sell puppies to children under 18 years of age: our contract requires an adult to be listed and to sign before we release a puppy. If we are not present upon signing the contract it must be notarized at the expense of the buyer.  

We do not release ANY puppy from our care until they are 8-10 weeks old. After they leave our home it will be the new owner’s responsibility to continue health care; however, we are devoted to help the buyer with training for life (more information can be found in the buyer contract.)

Most of the pups we sell are sold on a spay/neuter contract with a mandatory, non- refundable $300 deposit. Please be aware that ALL pups sold with papers marked as "Limited" on a spay/neuter contract will be registered with AKC before going to their new homes with an additional $50 added to their sale price (price includes a three generation pedigree from AKC.) After our puppies are registered with AKC the owners are welcome to register with UKC as well to increase the ability to get out and do things with their dogs. 

Every now and then we will have a pup who will be a potential show/breed prospect. These pups  require a mandatory, non-refundable $400 deposit. At this point we only co-own one of the pups we have sold and prefer to sell our pups without a co-own contract. We do, however, reserve the right to sell ANY puppy on a co-own contract. All puppies on a "Full Registration" agreement are evaluated with strict standards for both structure (Pat Hastings method) and personality (Volhard and other methods.)  

We will deliver but the buyer MUST pay a delivery charge at the time final payment arrangements have been made (this does not apply to local or Eastern Colorado buyers.) None of our puppies will be placed in a lap to travel to their final destination- it is unsafe for the puppy, buyers and other drivers. We will provide a carrier at a cost of $50.00 to our buyers or the buyer can provide their own carrier. However, the carrier must be present, travel certified, size appropriate and ready to transport your puppy. 

Though we prefer to not ship, this option is available as well at an added price of $500-600. This includes a heavy duty shipping crate, pad, toy and 2 lbs of food to get you started. Buyer is responsible for this charge at the time a purchase contract is signed. This is to ensure the shipping items are available when your puppy is ready to ship. Sorry, but we no longer offer overseas shipping. 

We do as much with the puppies as we can to expose them to many different stimuli. This will make for an easier transition as they move into their new homes. Each puppy is examined between 7.5 and 8.5 weeks using Pat Hastings Structure method and will be tested for temperament using both Pat Hastings and Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test as they grow. We try to match the family to the puppy’s personality to ensure a long time relationship between the puppy and its lifetime owner(s). We take great care in placing our puppies into appropriate homes for the puppy—not to satisfy a need of an owner. We do not place puppies solely according to eye or coat color. If you have a preference and a puppy’s personality match what you are looking for then we will try to accommodate. For us it is not first come, first serve: it is best matched puppy with the best buyer.

Watch our website for updates on accomplishments and puppies for sale. These dogs are a gift; our life; our joy. Hope you can say the same whether you purchase one of ours or from someone else. 
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