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Application, Location and Contact Information
We require that you fill out this application BEFORE sending a deposit on a puppy. This helps us keep track of our puppy buyers. Once we receive your application we will contact you about whether we feel you are an appropriate buyer for one of our pups. At that time you will be put on a waiting list with the understanding we can not guarantee we will have a puppy for you with a specific litter or specific time. All of our pups will be registered as a co-own from this point forward and will be sold with a spay/neuter contract. We also require a $300 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy and full payment before shipping/delivering your puppy. Our dogs are important to us-- we treat them like family. We have a strict standard on who will receive one of our family members. We are not perfect but we try to match that perfect pup with their potential family. Thank you for your interest in a puppy from Mountain Cross Minis!
A Place Where Miniature American Shepherds Rule!
Mountain Cross Minis
We will no longer sell our puppies to buyers without a co-own contract in which we are primary owner whether pet or breed/show potential. We will microchip your puppy and register that microchip to our kennel name as primary. ALL of our puppies will be registered as a co-own with AKC or partner with UKC. Everyone who buys a puppy from Mountain Cross Minis will be required to have their contract notarized before we release a puppy to their care. You will also be required to sign an additional agreement to have the puppy released to us if you are no longer living or cannot physically take care of the dog for more than one month (details will be disclosed and initialed by buyer on your contract.) If you move from the contractual address or change phone numbers you will be required to notify us immediately with your new address/phone number to enable us to ensure we are able to follow up with the puppy. We take the responsibility of providing our pups with lifelong care and support seriously.

Our puppies are like family to us and we have a legal/ethical/contractual right to take action to pick up your puppy/dog if contract is not followed. The only exceptions to this is for repeat buyers who have shown they are going to be cooperative, honest and responsible because, yes, even good friends get ugly when they don't get their way. One bad apple DOES spoil the whole bunch! And, yes, our contracts ARE enforceable by law and our rights as their breeder will be carried through.

We love having puppies periodically and enjoy watching them mature into unique, loving individuals. We don't require you gain upper level titles like many breeders do but we sure do encourage you to do all that you can with them. We are serious/responsible breeders and take our role, our promise to THEM, to take care of our pups for their entire life-- that does not end when you take possession of your new pup..